Harrison Barnes 15 Points/4 Assists Full Highlights (4/27/2014)

Harrison “Born In A” Barnes: is he the X-factor for the Warriors in the playoffs? As their sixth man, he definitely meets the qualifications for being an X-factor candidate. I’ll just say, if he can up his scoring output, he will be the X-factor, but if he doesn’t score very well, he’ll just be a non-factor. How is that for bold and brash basketball analysis? I think I just wrote a “hot take”.

Here’s some more rapid-fire hot takes: this series shouldn’t even count because the Donald Sterling’s racism has destroyed the Clippers. Mark Jackson should go back to working in television. Starting David Lee at center is good because he can’t defend anybody anyway, and DeAndre Jordan is not a huge offensive threat. Jamal Crawford is a cancer and they should give Jared Dudley and Willie Green all his minutes. Steve Blake was supposed to be a stabilizer for the playoffs but he only gets a few minutes a game; Kent Bazemore would provide more for the Warriors. Mike Breen needs to yell “bang” after every made shot or people won’t watch basketball anymore. What the heck is a Golden State anyway?

Damn. Those were hot. If anybody at ESPN wants to give me a blog, they know my number.

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