Troy Daniels 17 Points Full Highlights (4/27/2014)

Troy Daniels is supposed to be one of the feel-good stories of the playoffs. I’m sure everybody else looks at what he’s accomplished in his short stint in the NBA and says, “Wow, good for him.” But I look at his clutch play and deadeye three-point shooting and I don’t even feel anything. Not a twinge. People tell me he’s a D-Leaguer and I’m like, “Why do we continue to live life when death is the only possible outcome?”

This has been happening a lot lately. I used to enjoy stuff. Now, that same stuff only brings about realizations that it all has no meaning. When Troy Daniels hit that three in OT, I just stared at the ceiling and contemplated nihilistic thoughts. The only thing I felt was a blankness.

Good job Troy. You still have purpose in your life. A purpose without purpose, if you will, as all human endeavor is futile, but it’s something that keeps you going. One day you will be in the ground, keeping company with every other human that has succumbed to the rigors of living. All the threes in the world won’t reverse that fate.

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