Mirza Teletovic 17 Points/4 Threes Full Highlights (4/30/2014)

Normally the first round of the playoffs is the round to skip. Boring matchups, tons of blowouts, yawn. But not this year. Game after game of overtimes and clutch shots, blown leads and unlikely heroes. Except for one series everything has been fun.

Next up in the series of crazy playoff happenings is the Raptors blowing a huge lead in the 4th but managing to hold on for the win. I didn’t get to watch the game live, but I can imagine that Raptors’ fans went on a roller-coaster of emotions, the main one being extreme melancholy mixed with a desire for maple syrup.

Mirza Teletovic played a part in the huge Nets comeback, as evidenced by his extreme plus-minus of +31. To contrast, his teammate Paul Pierce played 10 more second and had a plus-minus of -31. I guess we all know who the real Hall-of-Famer is.

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