Danny Green 17 Points Full Highlights (5/2/2014)

The way Danny Green started this game, I thought he was going to drop fifty. Imagine how badass that would have been. He would have instantly introduced his name into millions of American households. There would probably be no end to the amount of chicks he would bang. It would have been perfect redemption after choking in the finals last year.

Instead, he only scored five more points after the twelve he got in the first quarter. To say I was disappointed would be vastly understating the situation. I ended up taking my autographed Danny Green rookie card and blending it in my blender with ice and milk. Then I drank the resulting smoothie. A valuable piece of Spurs memorabilia is now digesting inside me, and if you want my honest opinion, it wasn’t even that tasty. It sort of tasted like when I made a smoothie out of my holographic Charizard.

In my disgust, I almost didn’t make these highlights. Then I thought, “the good people of YouTube deserve to watch Danny Green score 17 points on a perfect 7-of-7 from the field.” Fifty would have been better, but seventeen is okay too.

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