Marcin Gortat 21 Points Full Highlights (5/7/2014)

Marcin Gortat is not having very good matchup luck in these playoffs. First he has to go up against DPOY Joakim Noah. After dispatching him, he now gets to face the former DPOY Roy Hibbert. Talk all you want about the recent failures of Hibbert, but the fact remains that he is 7-3 and can still move a little bit. Anyone with those attributes is a good defender by default.

Hopefully the Wizards advance and he gets to feast on Bosh or whatever non-center the Heat throw in his path. How does this sound to you: “And the Wizards advance to the Finals on the back of Gortat’s 45 points, completing their sweep of the Heat!”? I know that sounds pretty good to me. I’ll go get the highlight machine ready.

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