Danny Green 22 Points Full Highlights (5/14/2014)

Danny Green, or as I have taken to calling him, “Danny Greenger”, hasn’t been as consistent in the playoffs as Spurs fans had hoped. When he’s on, he’s easily one of the most valuable players on the team. When’s he’s off, all he does is scare people with a face that looks like it was made out of stretched-out silly putty. It will be a good segment to put in the championship DVD (the overcoming of inconsistent shooting, not the silly putty thing).

Even if the Spurs don’t win it all this year (unlikely), I will be making and selling a Spurs “Western Conference Champions” DVD, so I get to use that storyline no matter what. It’s tentatively priced at $240.00, and as a special bonus, I’m throwing in, free of charge, my Bucks “Tanking is a Necessary Evil” DVD, which, for some reason, nobody really wanted to buy. You can only sell so many copies to your sympathetic parents until they stop answering their phone.

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