Manu Ginobili 18 Points Full Highlights (5/19/2014)

You’d think that, with the amount of money Manu Ginobili makes, he would be able to afford the latest and greatest hair-restoration treatment. I mean, that bald spot haunts both my dreams and my waking hours. If I close my eyes, I do not see blackness; I see a large, empty patch of scalp ringed with short brown hair. I used to have nightmares about monsters and demons; now I wish for those terrible dreams to return, just so I no longer dream of Manu and his head.

So, again, I ask: why can’t Manu get some kind of hair graft up there? For all our sakes. 18 points, honestly I couldn’t care less about those. For me, this Spurs series is about ending my endless torment once and for all.

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