Jeremy Lamb 13 Points Full Highlights (5/21/2014)

Who to blame for this 77-112 loss for the Thunder? Scott Brooks’ amateur play calling? Kevin Durant’s mom? Russell Westbrook’s chuck-self-out-of-slump tendencies? Serge Ibaka’s fragile, unreliable body? Kendrick Perkins’ stone hands and nonexistent touch? Jeremy Lamb’s failed glam metal/sleaze rock band, Jeremy and the Little Lambs, the failure of which has caused an irreparable rift in team relations as Jeremy’s rock-star ambitions have been brought crashing down to earth by his untalented bandmates and the Oklahoma City area’s distaste for pure 80’s rock and roll?

All of the above. And, if the world is fair, the Thunder won’t be able to recover from this and will get swept. Then, with the Spurs going into the playoffs fresh, they will dismantle the Heat/Pacers. Timmy D will win his deserved fifth ring, thus completing the set upon his right hand and ushering in a new era of high-quality big-man play.

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