Jeremy Evans All 59 Dunks Full Highlights (2013-14 Season Dunkilation)

There is a weird phenomenon that happens with the NBA dunk contest: it gets worse every year! I can’t go back all the way to where things started to go wrong, but I can start with 2006, the year things really went to pot.

2006: Nate Robinson takes like a hundred attempts to dunk and is still declared the winner. In a portent of future events, the rightful winner is denied his glory.

2007: Gerald Green wins the contest without even blowing out a candle. Dwight Howard slapped a sticker on the backboard at some insane height. Why not just raise the rim and dunk it at that height? Lame.

2008: That “Superman” Dunk was the most cringe-inducing thing ever. Ugh. I hate Dwight Howard and his crap attempts at humor. Jamario Moon was robbed.

2009: “Krypto-Nate”

2010: Actually I’m not too mad about this one. I probably should be.

2011: KIA is proud to present KIA the official car of the NBA! Ride in style and show your love of the NBA and Blake Griffin with KIA, America’s favorite car maker! Disregard the fact that JaVale McGee dunked three balls, KIA is your new overlord!

2012: I still don’t know who Jeremy Evans is. Might as well have had “Air Up There” or some other dunk-tour goofball in the contest. Though you can’t argue with the fact that Evans dunked it on 92% of his field goals that year.

2013: James White appeared in this contest but didn’t even do a between-the-legs dunk from the free throw line. Talk about disappointment. I didn’t get out of bed for a week after that one.


They really should just abolish the (SPRITE please drink sprite are we cool and hip?) dunk contest all together. Its time is over. Replace it with a one-on-one tourney or something. Or just axe the whole weekend.

What really gets me pumped up is sick dunks in-game. In a game you get one chance and that’s it. Your props are the basketball, the hoop and the defender. When Jeremy Evans elevates for a huge putback or alley-oop slam I will freak out 100 times harder than a comparable dunk in a controlled environment, with no one trying to stop him.

It goes without saying that the dunks contained in this highlight package are amazing. It’s Jeremy Evans’ predominant talent in the league; it better well be amazing. Next up: all of Evans’ mid-range jumpers. The quantity and quality of them will surprise you.

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