James Jones 11 Points/2 Minutes Full Highlights (6/12/2014)

The Heat’s season has been reduced to the Finals commentators arguing on whether or not uneaten donuts from dinner constitute “leftovers” or “dessert”. Meanwhile, in the background and totally ignored, James Jones lights up the court for the two minutes of playing time he gets, splashing three triples. I almost expected Justin Hamilton to appear out of nowhere for a windmill dunk while the ghost of Terrel Harris flaunts his ring.

If the Heat want to win another game this series, here’s what they need to do:

-Forget Chalmers. Start LeBron at the point and Beasley at small forward.
-Forget Wade. Start Shuttlesworth.
-Give James Jones some minutes early just in case he decides to replicate this performance.
-Drink only Gatorade. Powerade gives you cramps. Orange flavor preferred, none of this blue crap.
-While Haslem is asleep, pick him up and gently lower him into a dumpster. Then close the lid.

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