Michael Beasley 9 Points/1 Lost Championship Full Highlights (6/15/2015)

With the game over, the championship awarded, and the season having drawn to a close, the TV was snapped off.

As the man sat in his living room, remembering with fondness all the great games he had watched and all the great players he had witnessed, things began to change. The walls disintegrated, the furniture crumbled. The refreshing drink in his hand vanished. The sun in the sky burned brighter and hotter, and the landscape shifted away to reveal endless dunes of sand.

Soon, the only thing left was the television itself, and it, too, was swallowed by the encroaching desert. In all directions was a featureless expanse, with no nourishment or diversion in sight.

His current location offered nothing to him anymore. Eyes already stinging from the windborne particles, the man began to walk. To where, he did not know.

But when they returned, he would find them again.

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