Devin Harris 17 points/5 Assists Full Highlights (10/28/2014)

First night of the season and I’m already disappointed.

Would it have been so hard for the Mavs to trot out some exciting young talent last night? I watch Dirk with the knowledge that he’s going to disintegrate soon. I need fresh faces to keep those thoughts in the background.

Looking at their roster, never mind. Their “young talent” consists of, uh, Ricky Ledo.

The Spurs, though, have no excuse. I know they’re trying to win on opening night, but last time I checked, Kyle Anderson is a winning player. It’s never too early to try and establish a future where their big three is Anderson, Leonard and Daye. Even just a few minutes as a teaser? Too much to ask, apparently.

So in lieu of someone more invigorating, you guys get drab Devin Harris highlights. Don’t forget that this guy was once an All-Star and thus has no reason to be this boring of a player.

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