Ryan Anderson 22 Points Full Highlights (10/28/2014)

Pelicans new court: yeah or nah?

I mean, it’s just got a pair of big old pelicans inside the three point arcs. It’s either awesome^2 or maximal lameitude.

Keep this anecdote in mind while arriving at a decision: I was watching the pregame stuff for this game and they showed Ryan Anderson walking out on to the court getting ready to warm up. He was talking to Luke Babbitt about shooting tons of threes without even caring, and the camera was zoomed in on his face. He turned from Babbitt to look at the court, and you could clearly see his face crunch all up. Then his eyes widened up really far and you could clearly see him say the words “What the hell”. Then he walked off the court and didn’t come back until right before the game, and when he did he looked super pissed.

I could tell during the game that the janky court was getting to him, he wasn’t playing well. Then he started playing better but it was like an “I’m so pissed” kind of better. So we know his opinion on the subject.

Another anecdote to consider is that I once saw a pelican (bird, not basketball player) just straight up eat a whole other bird.

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