Tobias Harris 25 Points Full Highlights (10/28/2014)

There is always some disorientation when a new NBA season starts. I pay fairly close attention to the goings-on around the league during the offseason, but it makes no difference; Luke Ridnour in a Magic jersey just doesn’t jive. And I refuse to believe that a player named “Kostas Papanikolaou” exists. He’s surely a conjuration of some PR dude’s imagination, trying to cash in on the Giannis hype.

Though as many changes as there have been since I bid you adieu a few months ago, there are still equally as many things that remain happily (or unhappily) the same. These are the things I can always look to when the dizziness threatens to overwhelm me. Lighthouses in the ever-roiling sea of the NBA. What I’m trying to say is:

The Tobias Harris trade still sucks.

Actually the Tobias Harris trade sucks a lot worse now than it did before.

It’s the garbage-gift that keeps on garbage-giving. How many combined points did JJ Redick, Gustavo Ayon, and Ish Smith score tonight? Zippo. ZIPPO.

That’s French for NO GOD DAMN POINTS.

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