Jabari Parker 8 Points Bucks Debut Full Highlights (10/29/2014)

Jabari is standing at the podium, ready to give his hall-of-fame inductance speech. In his mind he looks back fondly on one game in particular, the first game of his championship-ring adorned career, against the Hornets. They may have lost that night, but who is the real winner now? Looking over the assorted luminaries present, he opens his mouth.

“Before we really get things rolling, there’s someone who I’d like to thank first and foremost. DownToBuck, why don’t you come on up here.”

I stand, wearing my classiest tuxedo, as those in attendance clap wildly. The cameras in the rear of the venue catch the large, sunglasses-wearing Ersan Ilyasova face staring at them from the sewn-on patch on the back of my outfit. I approach the podium. Jabari gives me a warm smile and greets me like a brother. He returns to the microphone.

“This is the guy who is responsible for it all, my personal highlights manager, DownToBuck!”

The attendees stand and roar their approval as I smile broadly back at them. I don’t need to say any words: my contributions to Jabari’s career are well known. Despite the numerous accolades I have garnered, this is not my time, and I do not want to overstay my welcome. I give Jabari a hug and a “congratulations”, then walk back down to my seat. I have played my part.

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