Otto Porter 13 Points Full Highlights (10/29/2014)

New seasons mean new chances for players who may have underperformed the previous year. Only a fool would cling on to results of past years, as if they were the sole predictor of future events. The truth is, changes in team composition, plus a myriad other factors, make NBA success very hard to predict.

Always the positive one, DownToBuck is.

Bradley Beal’s injury, and the unsuitability of Garrett Temple for the starting shooting guard role means that Otto Porter is getting some early-season run. Until Beal (and Martell Webster AKA W-Mart) get back on the court, I see no reason why Porter couldn’t just keep getting twenty minutes a game. Soon, Porter will prove himself to the coaching staff, and we can begin the process of carefully lowering Paul Pierce’s body into the grave we have lovingly prepared for it. Then, closure will be had.

…Yes, I have reversed my position on the bust status of the Porterhouse Steak. Everybody makes mistakes (I just make fewer of them than average). The hidden message in this description can be decoded if you 1.) believe and 2.) read the first letter of every sentence (except the copyright notice, that doesn’t count).

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