Andrew Wiggins 8 Points Full Highlights (10/30/2014)

Andrew Wiggins has continued the trend of high-pick rookies not performing especially well in their first few games. It falls in line with what I expected of him to start off the year; not aggressive, looking lost, and unworthy of major minutes. I’m sure many of you expected the same. Others will have been anticipating Wiggins dominating from day one, throwing down insane dunks like in his HoopMixTapes, scoring 20-to-25 a night. The peril of all these highlights is an inflated view of many players, even I am guilty of the deception.

Which is why I routinely trash players in these descriptions. To keep things fair.

Look at Zach LaVine. He can barely get on the court despite his highlight packages showcasing high-flying dunks, crazy jumpers and sick handles. I’ll admit, even I was getting a little hyped for these young Timberwolf rookies.

Hyped is when you feel all dizzy, your ears won’t stop ringing, you can’t move your arms, and your chest feels all constricted, right?

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