Alex Len 10 Points/11 Rebounds Full Highlights (10/31/2014)

Doing highlights of a player I’ve never done before is a rush. It’s like the feeling you got when you were a kid when you opened up the Pokemon booster pack and got a holographic Zapdos (never a Charizard, god damn it).

And I’ve been waiting a long time to “collect” Alex Len, so to speak. His rookie year was almost fully lost to injury, and the minutes he did get were unproductive and not befitting a top-5 pick.

He’s looked a lot more activated this year, and now he is reaping the rewards with his first double-digit scoring game, second double-digit rebounding game, and thus, his first double-double. An exciting one too, taking down the champion Spurs with a clutch offensive rebound.

I’d insert a joke about Ukrainians taking down things at this point, but maybe nah. Later in the year, perhaps. Don’t want to use up all my material yet.

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