Derrick Favors Career High 32 Points Full Highlights (11/1/2014)

Who knew creating and marketing a line of cookbooks was so hard?

Let it be known DownToBuck is a savvy businessperson. He can sense a good business opportunity and is quick to seize it, like a cobra uncoiling to strike its unwitting victim.

So it only makes sense that I would copyright the term “Flavors of Favors” and attempt to parlay that valuable bit of intellectual property into a cookbook empire. I even got pictures of Derrick on the cover and a fake testimonial from him as the foreword. Are cookbooks even supposed to have forewords?

You might think that this all may not be strictly legal, using his likeness without permission to sell a product. It may be, It may not be, it doesn’t matter if no one is buying the damn books.

These are good frickin’ cookbooks. Nothing wrong with them at all. I kinda used up all my good recipes (South-of-the-Border Baja Quesadilla Casserole was the real crown jewel) pretty quickly, and it was looking a little thin. So I pulled off a bunch of recipes from and filled it out a bit. Who knew there were so many ways to make food? My old crappy printer wasn’t really up to the task of printing these babies out, but it made it through about 50 copies before starting to smoke a bit and not turning on anymore.

Turns out that 100 pages isn’t stapleable, so I just tied them together with some string.

If you guys want some damn fine “Flavors of Favors” cookbooks please don’t hesitate to contact me. Act now! They’ll be selling like “Derrick’s Mama’s Hickory Smoked Hotcakes” once the word gets out.

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