Perry Jones III 20 Points Full Highlights (11/1/2014)

Remember last year, when Timberwolves fans were complaining endlessly about injuries to their team preventing them from being playoff-bound?


After this, I don’t think any fanbase can complain. Any future spate of injuries will look like a pastry puff parade compared to the current state of the Thunder.

I don’t mind at all, though. I hardly ever get to do Thunder highlights due to Westbrook and Durant taking all the shots and scoring all the points. Perry Jones III was looking pretty worthless to start his career, and now look. Eventually Sebastian Telfair will have a good game and all his high-school hype will be justified. The scorekeepers are even trying to give him some unearned points in anticipation (which is why the title says only 20 points instead of the 23 Perry was credited for in the boxscore).

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