Leandro Barbosa 13 Points Full Highlights (11/2/2014)

“Who’s gonna be that third scorer?”

The Warrior’s announcer dude poses a salient question. After Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, is there anyone who the Warriors can count on for reliable pointage? There are a few possibilities.

David Lee – Averaged 20 points a couple years ago. Is there any reason why he couldn’t do it again? Pretend defense doesn’t exist in your considerations.

Andrew Bogut – He could dust off that flat, ineffective lefty hook he loved so much in Milwaukee.

Harrison Barnes – Wasn’t he like the third option in the playoffs before? Just tell him to be more aggressive.

DownToBuck – If you gave me enough open shots I would eventually make some. That’s all Klay does anyway, isn’t it?

Leandro Barbosa – Sounds good to me! The former 6th man of the year may be running on empty, but advancing medical techniques could mean another few years averaging 15 a game if you just gave him the opportunity. He still has the speed (against Steve Blake), and shooting never goes away.

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