Spencer Hawes 17 Points Full Highlights (11/2/2014)

Was it horrible-facial-hair day for the Clippers today? Farmar and Griffin were rocking pedo-staches and Hawes and Jordan had the same nightmarish goatee-trimmed-so-the-stache-looks-like-it-goes-all-the-way-down thing going on. Basketball is serious business, guys. If you’re not going to take your facial hair seriously, what does that say about your other endeavors?

You might think that I’m just jealous because all I can grow is a light coating of pubes on my chin. I’m not. Definitely not. Chicks hate scratchy beards anyway.

P.S. Thanks YouTube for suggesting the tag “Facial Hair (anatomical structure)” I’ve got an anatomical structure they can go and suck.

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