Avery Bradley Career High 32 Points Full Highlights (11/3/2014)

The Celtics just almost pulled off a huge comeback win over the Mavericks, having a chance to tie it late in the 4th after being down by 31 points earlier in the game. Avery Bradley may have choked on the free throws, but you can’t really blame him. He was worn out after putting the team on his back with his usual heavily contested long twos.

It’s nice to see that his game hasn’t changed much. Still a pesky defender, still a guy in love with long jumpers, and still a total black hole. Exactly what the Celtics need, since Rondo is afraid/incapable of scoring. I used to really dislike him because of his chucker tendencies and his punchable face; now I only dislike his face and find his other attributes acceptable. My blackened, coal-like heart isn’t done yet.

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