Sebastian Telfair 16 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (11/3/2014)

Sebastian Telfair is another one of those straight-outta-high-school prospects that sort of flubbed once arriving in the NBA. He has insane speed, but was never able score or pass at a high-enough level to cut it as a starter. If people had been making YouTube mixtapes when this dude was tearing up New York, probably even a staid, reasonable basketball fan like myself would have been taken in by his flashy play.

After a stint outside the states, Telfair is back and he still isn’t that great. However, a fortunate (for him) series of events in OKC afforded him the chance to play big minutes. If you close your eyes and cover your ears, you can just pretend that he’s back at Abraham Lincoln High School in NYC.

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