Aaron Gordon 17 Points/2 Threes/3 Dunks Full Highlights (11/6/2014)

The Magic’s new slogan seems to be “That’s Pure Magic”. It appears to be most often used after a spectacular basketball play made by a member of the team. It was applied to Aaron Gordon after he made a three-pointer. Now, a shot from that distance is definitely a laudable achievement, but it hardly qualifies as any sort of magic, pure or impure. In fact, it is a relatively prosaic occurrence in the world of professional basketball, and nothing about it could ever be attributed to supernatural influences..

You know what’s really magic?

The first tentative glances of a child being brought into the world. A glorious sunrise atop an oceanside cliff. A vibrant, verdant flower issuing forth from the tiniest of seeds. A grandfather teaching his grandson how to cast a fishing line. The delicate yet perfect symmetry of a spider’s web, shimmering with the fresh dew of dawn. A thousand twinkling stars in the evening sky, with untold trillions invisible to us, but all holding the promise of life. Taco Bell giving you two packets of taco sauce when you usually only get one. Aaron Gordon sinking a three in overtime to put a game away.

Wait. I already determined that Aaron Gordon making threes isn’t magic. Huh. Well, I rescind my earlier comment. Aaron Gordon splashing from three-town is definitely an example of “pure magic”.

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