Evan Fournier 20 Points Full Highlights (11/7/2014)

Even though I ragged on it while Evan Fournier was in Denver, I sorta miss their announcers saying “Un, Deux, Trois!” after Fournier made a three. To compensate I’ve taken to saying it if I’m just watching a game at home. Shouting it, really. It really adds to the experience of viewing a game if you pretend to be announcer at the same time.

The only thing stopping me from being a commentator is that I would slip up with not even that bad of a swear word, like “asshole”, and I would be continually be distracted by concessions. I don’t know how those dudes do it, I would be slamming down popcorn and nachos so hard into my maw that all you would hear is satisfied munching.

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