Tyson Chandler 15 Points/4 Dunks Full Highlights (11/7/2014)

Explain to me how this is fair: Tyson Chandler can dunk. He can dunk so good that against NBA-level defenders, he gets to dunk four times. Meanwhile, I can’t even touch the net. Heck, I need a footstool just to reach the tall cupboards in my kitchen. The one and only time I dunked, it turned out all to be a dream, and I woke up with on the floor with a lump on my head.

There is obviously some inequality here. And you know how the saying goes: where there’s inequality, there’s injustice. I demand justice!

I want to take some roids but I’m too much of a loser to find me a dealer. Everybody says you can just go to a gym and ask around, but I tried that and everybody has such big muscles, they’re honestly kind of intimidating. For now, I’m just binging on protein bars. Hopefully I can dunk soon.

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