Donatas Motiejunas 16 Points Full Highlights (11/8/2014)

D-Mo has gotten to off to an awful start to the season, playing tentatively while missing most of his shots anyway. Jeremy Lin can no longer be the scapegoat for the entirety of the Rockets’ problems, so we have to find a new one. Tarik Black perhaps? Yeah, why not. That guy is holding everybody down, for sure.

Tonight Donatas threw off the shackles that Tarik placed on him, scoring 16 points and hitting his first two threes of the season. Such a good performance that one of the (three? too many cooks spoils the broth) commentators dubbed it his best game as a Houston Rocket. A little premature as Motiejunas didn’t end up with his career-high of 20. Still, definitely one of his best games, one sure to get all those crazy Lithuanians all riled up again. Remember last time that happened? Latvia didn’t sleep for a week.

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