Isaiah Canaan Career High 21 Points Full Highlights (11/8/2014)

That crazy system the Rockets’ D-League affiliate has where they just jack threes the whole game paid off last year when one of its products, Troy Daniels, hit a clutch three in the playoffs.

That same system failed to provide dividends with Robert Covington.

But Its paying off again with Isaiah Canaan, who had a great game in the absence of Patrick Beverley. 21 points, many of them on poor looks. The kind of shots that won’t usually go in but did this time. Still, Beverley isn’t a threat to do anything besides be annoying on defense, and the Canaanite is at least willing to shoot.

He also seems kind of short, and is likely horrible on defense though I don’t actually know. I try to avoid watching the Rockets because free throws aren’t fun to watch, but I’ll watch if they can get Canaan and Daniels a bunch of minutes.

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