Draymond Green 22 Points/4 Blocks Full Highlights (11/9/2014)

I used to rag on Draymond Green for being really, really bad at basketball. The shooting part at least. “Mr. 32%”. His only utility as a rookie was as a “put him in and let him create chaos” kind of guy.

He’s still that kind of guy, which is great. As an added bonus, it seems he has improved his shooting so much that he is no longer a liability on offense! I can no longer find any flaws in his game, other than that he might get a tad too invigorated at times and lets this excess energy negatively effect the game.

If only we could see such improvement from all players. The league would be stacked to the brim with amazing talent!

That was my way of calling out Derrick Williams. Come on man, you’re supposed to be a beast by now.

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