Gerald Green 19 Points Full Highlights (11/9/2014)

Let’s all take a moment to contemplate just how much of a maniac Gerald Green is when it comes to shooting.

Moment over! Hope you didn’t consider it too hard or you’re gonna find yourself with a bad headache pretty soon. Gerald Green has the utmost confidence in his jumper, somewhat justified but not really. Kobe-style fadeaways and contested threes are not the traditional tools of an efficient scorer. I want to know what they did to him in Russia to turn him into the player he is today. Something to do with gulags, presumably.

His minutes are down this year due to the slump he’s found himself in, and the only solution for him is to shoot even more. He looked for his shot aggressively as soon as he came in the game, got benched for a while because of it, then came out Rambo-style in the fourth quarter and annihilated the Warriors in a primal display of dominance.

No dunks though. So who cares?

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