Terrence Ross 17 Points Full Highlights (11/9/2014)

Again, NBA TV hinders my ability to compile “full” highlights by failing to show thirty seconds of game action, game action where Terrence Ross makes a three-pointer. This is now the second highlight video that they have ruined. Yes, RUINED. What purpose does this video serve if its intended purpose, to show every made field goal of a player, fails to be realized?

I noticed a weird smell coming from my computer so I opened it up. Looking around, there was nothing that would obviously be causing a stench, but when I put my nose up to the hard drive, that definitely was where the smell was emanating from. Getting closer, the drive sectors where this video was stored had an absolutely rancid reek that had spread throughout the case. This video smells of total failure.

You hear that, NBA TV? Total failure. I hope you guys are pleased with yourselves.

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