Iman Shumpert 18 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (11/10/2014)

Iman Shumpert sure chose a good time to start being a good offensive player, right as the rest of his team is imploding. Even the Zen Master himself cannot make JR Smith learn the triangle.

The Knicks might be last in the league in BSPT (Bright Spots per Team, my new advanced stat for measuring fanbase despair.) Iman Shumpert is one BS, definitely. Playing in the largest market is like half of one. Carmelo getting 20,000 is another half. That’s a total of 2 BS for the entirety of the Knicks. Even the 76ers have 5 or so.

Don’t feel too bad for Knicks fans though. They have the luxury of being able to switch team affiliation to the Nets when things get tough without anyone calling them a bandwagoner. Except, you know, everybody.

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