Kosta Koufos 14 Points Full Highlights (11/11/2014)

Kosta Koufos is one of those players you think about and say “Damn, he used to pretty good what happened to him is he dead?” You say that. I don’t. I know exactly what happened to him, and he’s absolutely still alive.

Might as well be after being acquired by the Grizzlies, whose lack of a watchable offense is well known. Denver’s system allowed him to play to his strengths and made him look like a god (kind of like every center who plays for them nowadays). His minutes are down due to some factor that I can’t quite pin down. Something to do with Spain, possibly.

Tonight was a good game for Koufos and his bench-buddy Beno Udrih. The first good game for the Grizzlies bench, even. If he can keep this going he can save the fanbase from ever having to look at Jon Leuer again. (Just kidding, Leuer rocks)

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