Zach LaVine 13 Points/1 Dunk Full Highlights (11/14/2014)

Ricky Rubio is gone, presumably having migrated south with the rest of his kind. The Timberwolves should have anticipated this and prepared themselves better; nevertheless, they are now down to two options at point guard: Mo Williams who was an All-Star, and Zach LaVine, who is a rookie and not really a point guard at all.

I agree with their decision to keep Mo on the bench. He’s kind of old and doesn’t fit in super well with the Wolves’ idea of developing all their young talent through the trials of endless losses. Zach LaVine has potential. You can see it in pictures and video of him, manifesting itself as a shimmering yellow-green halo that glows brighter when he’s playing well. The vision of him dunking was similar to seeing an angel descending from heaven, clad as he was in an incredible radiance.

That’s what I see anyway. Don’t tell me you guys aren’t seeing this also?

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