Kyle Singler 21 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (11/15/2014)

Making these highlights really hurt. Every time I see the word “Singler”, it reminds me how I don’t have a GF right now.

I know, I know, DTB doesn’t need a girl. He’s had his heart broken too many times. He has begun a new era of his life where his actions are not dictated by the whims of a mercurial she-demon.

Sometimes, though, it’s hard. If Jennifer were still around, she would make some comment about how cute Kyle Singler was, and I would get mad at her, and then we would fight, but later we would still love each other. Then she would tell me that clipping my fingernails on the counter where we prepare food is disgusting, and we’d fight some more, but after that we could still make out and stuff. She’d ask for my credit card to go shopping, then come back with these ugly-ass shoes that cost $200, and I would say that she’s spending recklessly, and then she would tell me that I spent way more than that on my computer, but after we were done yelling at each other we could still cuddle while watching movies.

I would have no problem repressing these memories except for Kyle Singler. I knew I should have never made this video. I hope he never has a good game again.

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