Shabazz Muhammad 18 Points Full Highlights (11/15/2014)

The scene outside the 10th floor window was dispiriting. The first real snowfall of the year was always the saddest. It had already been too miserable outdoors to have any fun, but the sight of this much snow just drove the point in harder.

Sighing, Shabazz turned from the window and flopped down on his couch. There was nothing to do for him in Minneapolis, not when there wasn’t a game or practice. He knew he should be making the most of his time off, reveling in laziness and sloth like any normal NBA player, but he was a man of action.

The man of action looked over at his unused consoles. He had picked up both of them, hoping for a game or two that would tide him over, but there was nothing. “Destiny” had gotten his hopes up for a brief moment, only to be let down again by cookie-cutter gameplay and tedious multiplayer action.

His cell rang. He couldn’t think of anyone who would be calling; he had had a hard time making friends this far from home. Maybe one of the guys from his old crew? He answered. “Yo, this is Bazz.”

“Hey man, it Alexey, maybe you want to hanging out?”

The familiar yet unwanted voice coming from the other end startled Shabazz. His confusion quickly turned into annoyance.

“You do know, Alexey, that you’re not in Minnesota anymore? They traded you to Philly, remember? That means no hanging out, not now, not ever.”

“Yeah, I know. I just call because lonely, thinking maybe old friend Shabazz want to hang out.”

“I don’t think you get it. Hanging out implies physical proximity. The interested parties have to be in the same room, or at least the same building. And I sure as sugar don’t see you around here anywhere.”

“Oh. Can we hang out over phone?”

“Actually man, I’m kinda busy right now. Just, uh, about to head out and do some stuff. See ya.”

He ended the call and flumped back down on the couch, staring at the ceiling. He wondered if maybe he shouldn’t have been so short with his former teammate Alexey Shved. He sure was lonely right now.

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