Andrew Bogut 15 Points/4 Assists Full Highlights (11/16/2014)

Is there a more well-fitting center in the league for the Warriors than Andrew Bogut? He doesn’t take the ball away from the scorers that need it, he passes skillfully and willingly, he defends at an elite level, and he sucks up rebounds like a big pube-covered Aussie vacuum. Put someone like Dwight on this team and they aren’t nearly as succssful.

Sometimes I yearn for the old days of Bogut, back with Jennings as his point guard, where all his offense had to be self-created because no one could get him the ball. Those horrible lefty hooks were somehow pleasing to watch, now that I look back on it. We saw a little taste of that tonight, but only a little. Bogut post moves, understandably, have to take a back seat to Curry pull-up threes.

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