Matt Bonner 18 Points Full Highlights (11/17/2014)

Matt Bonner has been starting a bunch of games for the Spurs in the absence of Tiago Splitter.

Let me repeat: Matt Bonner is STARTING for the DEFENDING CHAMPION San Antonio Spurs. Take a look at the thumbnail. Your reaction should be mirroring his.

Nothing against the Red Mamba, since I’m sure he tries really hard and is a great teammate, yada yada, whatever, but he’s not starter quality material. He’s been shooting poorly this year (someone once told me that smaller sample sizes are better), and his days as a regular participant in the opening tip festivities are long past.

Eventually, though, good shooters start shooting good, and that’s what happened to Matty Ice tonight. He even hit some of those little floaty-hooky things that he likes to take. All in all, a pleasing highlight package, evocative of a ginger from New Hampshire putting a little ball through a slightly larger hoop.

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