Tobias Harris 25 Points Full Highlights (11/19/2014)

Tobias Harris continues to have good games. He’s up to 30th in the league in points per game. Vucevic is 26th, Fournier is 41st. So why do the Magic keep losing?

I have no answers, since I don’t actually watch the Magic very much (there are a lot of teams to try and keep tabs on, I do my best). I presume there are some problems on the defensive end. That was supposedly the reason Tobey Bear didn’t get any burn in Milwaukee; he had poor defensive awareness.

Maybe the reason for losses is more sinister? Maybe the Orlando Magic aren’t even trying their hardest to win games, deceitfully trying to manipulate the mechanics of the league in order to secure a higher draft selection and thus, a better player.

Wow, I just read what I wrote. I sound like a patient at the Sunland Mental Hospital. There’s no way a team would ever do something so heinous.

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