Alexey Shved 15 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (11/21/2014)

You know your team’s season has gone down the tubes when your commentators talk about an inferior sport in the middle of game action.

During last night’s blowout loss, Mark Zumoff and Malik Rose actually discussed FOOTBALL (not the European kind) during the game. Not during timeouts or breaks. During the actual game. Not just football, either. FANTASY football. That’s even worse. Now, I like watching the sport from time to time, but everybody can agree that even watching the lowly 76ers is preferable to sitting through a four-hour spectacle that is mostly ads and fat guys standing around waiting for the next play to start. This is like talking about how your dog crapped on your carpet in the middle of a discussion about enacting worldwide, unilateral nuclear disarmament.

If I’m Alexey (which I am not, sadly), I would get some of my Russian mafia friends to arrange for some “accidents”. I would also try to kick the Krokodil habit, because you know that stuff will kill you.

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