Anthony Bennett Career High 20 Points Full Highlights (11/21/2014)

Kevin Love 16.7 ppg

Andrew Wiggins 10.7 ppg + Anthony Bennett 5.9 ppg = 16.6ppg

Those stats are from before tonight’s games, so the numbers for the #1 picks will go up and Love’s will go down. That’s a pretty good trade for the Wolves just from a raw production standpoint, not to mention the potential bonus I didn’t even include in the calculations.

Bennett is shooting a lot better this year, focusing more on shots he can make (not many) rather than just shots he can take (all of them). It’s probably too late for him to ever completely shake off the reputation he earned as being a huge bust, but it’s not too late to earn a new reputation for being a good teammate and community guy. A few hospital visits (with cameras around, of course) would do wonders for his public image.

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