Bruno Caboclo 8 Points/1 Dunk Raptors Debut Full Highlights (11/21/2014)

I’m super envious right now.

The last time people were chanting my name was in the school cafeteria, when they wanted me to drink a huge jug full of tomato soup and chocolate milk combined. I drank the stuff, I thought they were my friends. Then they laughed. I can still hear their mockery, even to this day.

Bruno Caboclo is a lucky dude.

And we are all lucky, as fans, that the Raptors so thoroughly dismantled the Bucks that we actually got to see Bruno play. I was not alone in wondering, by the middle of the third quarter, if we were going to get some hot Brazilian action.

The action has come, and it is as hot as I anticipated. In the words of the great Matt Devlin:

“He can shoot the three, he can block shots, and he can DUNK!”

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