Brandon Knight 26 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (11/22/2014)

Brandon Knight is a polarizing character in basketball circles. Is he as good as his numbers indicate, or is he as bad as his on-court play appears to the human eye? That sounds like a hard question that I don’t really feel like answering right now, so I’m just going to post Piston fan reactions to their drafting Brandon Knight in 2011. Thanks RealGM!

[before pick]

“I’ve been drinking since noon, getting prepared for disappointment. Let the games begin!!”

“If Kanter inexplicably fell to #8 I still wouldn’t want him here. I don’t want a guy named Anus on the Pistons.”

“****ing Toronto and their boners for Euros”

“please no bustsmack bustombo”

“YES!!!!!!!! BUSTMACK picked!!!!!!! by someone other than us!!!!!”

“DAMNIT. trade down. So pissed”

[after pick]
“F^^$%$% YAAA. aww skeeee skeee skeee skeee skeee motha F**&^^^^. super stoked., now we need to get rid of BG or Rip . ”

“I can’t believe we just passed on Kemba. Unbelievable.”

“Brandon Knight does not look happy. I hope it has nothing to do with being drafted by the Pistons”

“i am so dissapointed the fcking Charlotte Bobcats stole Biyombo one pick before us 🙁 another combo guard is like my worst nightmare, terrible”

“This is only a good pick if Joe finally FINALLY (FINALLY) manages to dump one (or more) of our existing guards.”

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