Chris Kaman 16 Points Full Highlights (11/23/2014)

Older (and newer) basketball fans often bemoan the lack of post-play in the modern NBA. Then, they turn around and criticize the few players who do attempt post moves, player like Al Jefferson and Chris Kaman, for being too inefficient.

Well, duh, of course they’re inefficient! That’s the whole point. Going one-on-one against someone, with little threat of passing out, is generally not the best option. It wasn’t in the past, and it still isn’t now.

The upshot of this is that everyone thinks Chris Kaman sucks when, in fact…

Actually he is kind of sucky.

Fun to watch, though. He’s almost Kobe-esque in his tunnel-vision when he receives the ball. He’ll shoot a J in anybody’s face, it doesn’t matter how well he’s defended. He can do hooks with either hand and has a deft array of pump fakes to get even the stoutest defender in the air. The Blazers have needed a spark on their bench for a while, someone who is okay with putting the team on his back and just chucking. Looks like they have found their chucker in Chris Kaman.

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