Robert Sacre 13 Points Full Highlights (11/23/2014)

After being single-handedly responsible for the Mavericks scoring seven points in five seconds, I had come up with a new nickname for Robert Sacre. Wait for it…

Robert Suckre.

Please hold your applause. While that may have been a relevant nickname at the time, circumstances outside of my control have caused it to become obsolete in just a few days. You see, with this latest performance against the Nuggets, Robert Sacre no longer sucks. How could somebody who both does put-back jams AND hit turnaround jumpers possibly suck? There is no way. If you possess those skills in large enough quantities to execute them in an NBA game, you can’t be that bad.

I have had to hastily develop a new nickname for the player formerly known as Suckre. I present:

Big Shot Rob.

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