Henry Sims 22 Points Full Highlights (11/24/2014)

Does anyone know the address of the 76ers play-by-play guy? He sounded really down tonight after Philly lost again. Like, really down. Super morose. The way he said that Henry Sims was only two points off his career high was unsettling. The “I don’t know if I want to wake up tomorrow” kind of unsettling.

Hopefully he remembers that Dario Saric isn’t even on the team yet and if he was they’d probably have a win by now. Heck, add Joel Embiid and you might get two wins. The future is indeed bright for these 76ers, all they have to do to become a championship contender is hope Michael Carter-Williams gets way, way better, Nerlens Noel turns into Dwight and Embiid performs at an Olajuwon-esque level in his first action after a bunch of leg and back injuries. No problem.

I don’t know if Henry Sims is part of the glorious future that Hinkie and co. have planned. He should be if he isn’t. I bet he can extend his jumper to three point line and then, BAM, you have a stretch four, a Dirk-type that compliments the Dwight and Hakeem already present on the team.

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