Omri Casspi 22 Points/2 Dunks Full Highlights (11/25/2014)

Omri Casspi was a pretty good role-player as a rookie for the Kings, back in 2009. Then, betraying the usual development cycle for young players, he got worse almost every year afterwards, especially after leaving Sacramento for Cleveland. He was bad enough in Houston that he earned the nickname “Asspi” from disappointed fans.

Now he’s back home, ready to play again in the only place where he had success. And it’s working! Something about central California makes Casspi want to play hard and makes coaches want to give him minutes. Not too many minutes, though, as he’s still at less than 20 a game, but he’s doing well with his opportunities.

It’s time to give him a new nickname, now that the old one doesn’t apply any more. How does “The Omripotent” sound?

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