Donatas Motiejunas Career High 21 Points Full Highlights (11/26/2014)

I always like to see a young player put it all together for a game, even if we all know that the performance is just a flash in the pan of averageness. Donatas Motiejunas has a lot of attributes you want in a young big: he’s got post moves, he’s Lithuanian, he can shoot the three, and he’s tall. What more could you really want? Consistency? Rebounding? Defense? Those things aren’t as important as being able to do a dream-shake-esque thing.

D-Mo took all his component parts and made them work together for the game tonight, showcasing his deft back-to-the-basket moves as well as some nifty passing ability. I ain’t never seen Dwight make the passes that Donuts made tonight.

Sadly, next game he will likely revert back to his old self, scoring 6 points while not being aggressive. It’s okay, Donatas, I don’t blame you. I’d have motivation issues too if I had to watch Harden take all the shots while not playing defense.

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