Spencer Dinwiddie 10 Points Full Highlights (11/26/2014)

I don’t know what I expected from Spencer Dinwiddie coming into the season. It’s safe to say, though, that any expectations I may have had did not include him shooting pull-up threes. Where did he get the idea that he could do something like that? Not even Jennings does that much anymore. Unless your name is Stephen Curry, transition pull-up threes off the dribble should be off limits.

Perhaps he was thinking in the back of his mind “Oh man once Jennings comes back I won’t get any minutes I’d better make a good impression wow look at that hottie in the crowd might as well shoot it now here we go!” He did make two of them, so I’ll give him a pass for this game.

I’ll also give him points for his facial-hair game. Dude looks like a seven-year vet out there.

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